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The AI Landscape is Changing

Talk to our experts to engage the best in language, vision and predictive AI

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We've been to the Data Mountain Top

Our AI systems are built upon years of experience taking on peta-byte scale data challenges. From smart cities to smart commerce - we've been there. 

Cloud First Solutions

We use cloud-native tools to build auto-scaling, resilient and ever-improving systems

Modular Design

We can help you adapt to emerging technologies with modular microservice architectures.

Enterprise Speed

We build with streaming  and millisecond latency at front of mind.

End-User Engaged

We understand that fit-for-purpose comes from deep user engagement.

A Global Research Network

We engage a global network of scholars, suppliers and start ups to ensure that every component in our solutions are truly state of the art. 

We are restless reinventors and will go to every length to ensure we find the best answer to your questions, wherever in the world that expertise may be found, or simply from within our internationally-diverse team.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Combined AI Experience


Project Success Rate


Records analysed by our systems in the last year.


Continents of operation.


Hour Support & Monitoring Capability

Start getting the AI returns you were promised

We can help demystify the hype around AI and find solutions that genuinely deliver what they claim. Our engineers will walk you through the limitations and applicable safeguards of available technologies.

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